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Night Photography

2018 - Ongoing

If one wants to define "night", one would usually say its a time when the earth moves away from sun.

Away from the daylight, the night turns everything into different world altogether, much worthy of exploration and observation. Instead of thinking of it as a time, if one thinks of it as a place, its peculiarity and strangeness become apparent. Night has its own stories, it has defined different cultures, some culture associate night time with chaos and fear, as a matter of fact many cultures believe the universe emerged from the darkness. Night, turns out to be a separate alien place all together. It is a place with its own beauty, own atmosphere, own climate, flora and fauna. In fact, neither are the night`s human inhabitants the same as the day.

This is an ongoing photography work that predominantly focuses on exploring and capturing these aspects of night time, in particular the night flora. With little light, along with the capabilities and limitations of a camera, these images attempts to transport the viewers in to this odd and perhaps hypnagogic, place that a “Night” is.

The photographs are available in limited editions of selected sizes. Please contact the artist for the price and availability.

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