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Janki Dodiya - Visual Artist

Born in India, based in Germany.

About the Work 


Approach to my work stems from parallels between science and art, the two great achievements of human kind that are often used in same context, which I believe are just separate ways to fathom the world and the universe.


Following the footsteps of science and spirituality, understanding the ultimate reality of nature, reality of ourselves, the reasons for consciousness and its many manifestations is underlying driving factor of my art practice.

Parallel to the process of scientific inquiry, my process of creating the art involves examining closely the beauty, or the mystery of the animate and inanimate manifestations, its behaviour, sometimes their relationships with each other, or with phenomenons surrounding them be it, physical, spiritual or psychological, to eventually elicit an observation or a theory or a reason of being.  

Since starting my artistic journey , the desire to create art that I attained soon became an unyielding obligation to myself to explore also the inner mechanism of my creative consciousness. From small sketches to large projects, my art is therefore also a highly-personal reflection of myself.

About Janki

Janki is a self-taught artist and  a scientific researcher working  in Germany.  Her practice spans from drawing, painting, fine art photography, prints, mixed media to virtual reality. For an introverted child with an abundant imagination, art had always been a medium of expression for her. She has also been fascinated by and constantly meditates upon the parallels of artistic and scientific work. The impact that aesthetic experiences created on her as well as others lead her to bring her work outside the boundaries of home.

She has been recipient of multiple awards and has participated in various juried exhibitions. 




Honorable Mention, 16th Pollux Awards

Honorable Mention, 16th Julia Margaret Cameron Awards for Women Photographers


Honorable Mention, Fine Art Series, Annual Photography Awards




2nd Place, Night Photography, International Photography Awards

Honorable Mention, International Photography Awards

Honorable Mention, International Photography Awards








6th Biennial of Fine Art & Documentary Photography, FotoNostrum Gallery, Barcelona, Spain

Bloom, International Exhibition, Midwest Centre of Photography, Kansas, USA

Abstract, International Exhibition, Midwest Centre of Photography, Kansas, USA

Finding Light, Juried Exhibition, PhotoPlace Gallery, Middlebury VT , USA

Art in Nature, Juried Exhibition, Centre of Fine Art Photography, Fort Collins, USA

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